Client WrittenTestimonials

I arrived in Canada in 2012 and it took me a lot of time to complete everything to achieve my goal of becoming a RN. It was tough having a toddler and again having another one along the process of getting everything done. I was lucky to have met someone who gave me the idea of trying to apply for the FCR Loan to help me with everything since we were not financially stable then. It took me longer to finish everything given my situation and I was even on the verge of giving up because of stress. I had different level-entry part time jobs, had to juggle my schedule with my husband’s, and at the same time take care of my two girls, just to survive and meet our financial responsibilities. I can no longer remember all the advisors that help me along the way, but the transition from first to the last was smooth and they were all so supportive, considerate with my situation whenever I had to stop or adjust the payment due to some unavoidable circumstances. At last after the delays, long process and long wait, in 2016, I got a casual and a temporary part time position as an RN and keeping my fingers crossed to have a full time one soon.
S.U.C.C.E.S.S. you truly reflect the name of your organization because you give IMMIGRANTS like us the HOPE and the LIGHT to reach and see our own SUCCESS with our chosen professions here in CANADA and help us LIVE the DREAM. May you continue spreading your wings to reach out and help more people. You can count on me continuing to spread the word.


Charisse from Philippines, Registered Nurse


My family and I were originally form the Philippines and we landed in Canada as skilled immigrants in April 2010 and permanently moved to Canada for good in 2011. Although I was an Informational Technology professional by training and experience, I wanted to pursue teaching as a second career in Canada and I was advised by my career counsellor at Skills Connect to pursue the BC Provincial Instructor Diploma Program (PIDP) offered at VCC. As a new immigrant, I had no Canadian work and teaching experience. I also had to find the time and money for my PIDP studies. While I was able to get partial funding from Skills Connect to complete the first two of the required seven PIDP courses, I had to search for additional funding to continue with my studies and the FCR loan from S.U.C.C.E.S.S made it possible for me to finish three courses, while the remaining two courses were partially paid for by my employer.

Last month my wife and I witnessed the high school graduation of our only son and child. Now my wife and son witnessed me walking on stage at the Queen Elizabeth Centre in downtown Vancouver to receive PIDP diploma from VCC.

The FCR loan from S.U.C.C.E.S.S was one of the key factor which made it possible for me to obtain the PIDP diploma from VCC and I share my “SUCCESS” with S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

Jose from Philippines, Instructor


Coming to Canada was really a challenge. A few days upon arrival I tried going around looking for a job that is in my line of career, a Physiotherapist. But I learned immediately that a “Canadian Experience” is a vital requirement, and that I would have to go through a long process of credentialing and licensing in order to go back into practice. I had my family with me and we had financial responsibilities and expenses to take care of. After being able to go over the hurdle of credentialing and written exams, registering for the practical exams was the next step and the most expensive one. Overcoming this financial burden and working part time while studying has been a very rocky journey. Good thing S.U.C.C.E.S.S. was there! The FCR Loan has helped me achieve my goal of working as a Physiotherapist in Canada, lending a helping hand for me to pursue my career. The FCR loan gave me the financial support I needed to finish all necessary requirements and become a fully Registered Physiotherapist. This program will be very beneficial for the immigrants facing the hardships of financial burden while working hard towards achieving their goal of working in the pre-immigration occupations. Special thanks to all the friendly and helpful staff of S.U.C.C.E.S.S. God bless!!!

“Whoever wants to be great must become a servant”

Jaffy from Iran, Physiotherapist


I appreciate the work and support the FCR Loan Program provides to the Internationally Trained Professionals to get back in their profession. The FCR Loan Project helped me to overcome my financial burden when I moved to Canada from India in September 2013. To get back to my profession in Canada, I had to go through very extensive credentialing process. The credentialing process had lot of financial constraints associated with it and it was not possible to work and study at the same time due to the nature of the program. The burden of the finances was taken care by the loan granted by FCR Program whereas I was able to focus on my studies rather than stressing about money and debts. The FCR Loan Program is very beneficial for the immigrants as it gives them a chance to work towards achieving their goals.

Lakshmi from India, Programmer  


I moved to Canada in 2013 with lots of dreams and aspirations. Despite having 10 years of professional practice experience as a dentist from Iran I had to go through the credentialing process. The process of credentialing as a Dentist in Canada is very expensive and time consuming. The FCR loan helped me sail through these difficult situations with ease by providing me the financial stability. Working as a dentist in Canada is a dream come true but the struggle and journey would have not been easy without the loan from the FCR project.

Nina from Iran, Dentist


All immigrants face challenges when moving to another country trying to find their place in the society and to work with their field of expertise. I am an electrical engineer with a master degree in renewable energy. Although, I am a French graduate, I faced a lot of challenges in my career trying to have my credentials approved by APEGBC. FCR program and loan advisors guided and helped me to improve my skills so I can find a better job in the Engineering field. Today due to FCR program, I succeeded having my engineering license and establishing my own business, working as an electrical engineer and energy efficiency consultant. FCR program helped me achieve my LEED AP certification so for me to work in the sustainable field.

FCR team support and guidance were above expectations. I have found all the help I needed to get over all technical challenges. I would like to take the advantage to thank FCR/success team and the Canadian government for their support. Looking forward for more collaboration.

Maximus from Lebanon, Electrical Engineer


The FCR Loan Project helped me to fulfil my dreams of becoming a licensed Dentist in Canada. The journey of establishing as a dentist in Canada has not been easy as I faced many barriers such as finances, credentialing etc. I went through critical phase of three years to register and obtain the license to get back into my pre-immigration profession. I feel very positive about the FCR experience and believe that the FCR team helped me sail through the crucial phase of credentialing with ease. The constant support and encouragement from the FCR team held my hopes high and always encouraged me to do my best.

Sugath from Sri Lanka, Dentist


With great hopes and aspirations I moved from UAE to Canada in 2012, with over 12 years of Project Management and Coordination experience in a professional IT field. However, to work in my field I had to go through the stressful process of getting my credentials evaluated as I lacked the Canadian work experience. I reached out to FCR Loan Project who helped me get the financial assistance with which I was able to finish my program and get back into my field. The loan helped me reduce the financial burden and supported me while I continued studying at BCIT and had a part time job that took care of my expenses. The guidance and suggestions helped me to navigate my path through hard decision of career choices.

Sara from UAE, Salesforce Operation Coordinator


The FCR Loan Program along with my hard work has helped me achieve my goal of becoming the registered Pharmacist in Canada. I moved to Canada in April 2012 with my family and process of integrating into the Canadian culture has not been easy. The FCR program motivated me to focus on my goal and work diligently towards reaching it. They helped me overcome the financial barriers associated with the credentialing process as the cost of evaluating the credentials are very high. The loan helped me to forget the rest and streamline my concerns toward the licensing process. The FCR loan program has been a great help and they have supported me through the different stages of credentialing.

Nidhi from India, Pharmacist


My name is Jennifer and I’m a Registered Nurse from the Philippines. I used to work as casual LPN before FCR Loan Project and now working as a full- time RN. I was having a hard time finding a full time employment as LPN because I believe there are more job openings for RN than LPN(Licensed Practical Nurse).I also received a lower salary as an LPN. I was referred by my case manager (Suddudhan) from SUCCESS Vancouver.

I had to apply for SEC Assessment and do some courses to upgrade my skills in order to get an RN license here in Canada. FCR Loan Project helped me in paying my courses and my study materials. I had to stop working and focus on my courses so I was very grateful that they have 6 month Grace period and have lower interest compared to banks. They also offer follow up advice and guidance during that time. I am now working as a Registered nurse and I was able to get this job because of my previous RN experience and of course for having the skills I gained through upgrade courses. I feel that I have more financial/economic stability now and integrating well to Canadian Society. My family is very proud of my perseverance, resourcefulness, resilience and my achievements. I’m very grateful to FCR Loan Project for helping me in achieving my goal. It would have taken longer to finish all those courses without their assistance. Thank you to FCR & SUCCESS/ Canadian Government “Maraming Salamat FCR & SUCCESS/ Canadian Government”

 Jennifer from Philippines, Registered Nurse


The FCR Loan provided me with financial assistance for the coming months where I needed support. It also allowed me to concentrate on my bridge course which is building my start up career in Canada. I have been in Canada for two years and to be successful I need to seek assistance wherever available. I was at the end of my accreditation plans to become a nurse in Canada, when I began to face financial dilemmas. Without the assistance of the FCR Loan Project, I would have difficulty completing my accreditation plans and succeeding as a nurse in Canada today. My loan advisor provided financial strategies and advocated for my loan application. The loan project assisted me with financial budgeting during the last few months of my accreditation.

Roy from Philippines, Registered Nurse