Client WrittenTestimonials


“I got to know about the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. FCR Loan Project from a Craigslist advertise. I called on the same day and got my appointment booked with Zohreh. Zohreh took really good care of me by providing every single thing in detail. I was certainly considering getting a $15,000.00 loan from there, but suddenly COVID-19 hit the world, and my entire plan got changed. While sitting home, I got my Finance license done and started working in the Finance industry. As part of my work, I educate people about financial concepts and plan tax-free retirement without charging customers. I am meeting many new immigrants in Canada and will certainly recommend the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. FCR Loan Project to them. I would be happy to help anyone who really needs to get his/her financial planning (for free)”.

A financial advisor from India.


 ”The Foreign Credential Recognition process for Dentists in Canada requires going through various ups and downs, hurdles and setbacks. For an immigrant in an entirely new kind of culture and society with limited access to resources, this can be a daunting task. Those were the emotions I used to experience during my certification process for NDEB, along with immense hard work, dedication and focus. One of the significant challenges was finances. That is where the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. FCR Loan Project proved to be an angel, providing a helping hand when there was none other. What is special is they don’t only help with the funds but also do it so well, with so much courtesy, care, and love that one cannot help but feel thankful. Keep up the good, noble work your team is doing. You are doing more than you realize, you are making lives matter, and there is no better job in the world than that.”

A Dentist from India.


When I was about to start my re-entry program for Nursing in Canada, I was thinking of financial resources which would help sustain my family needs, because I know that being a full-time student requires pause from going to two jobs. I was thankful that my friend mentioned to me about S.U.C.C.E.S.S. From there, I met Farahnaz Abdi [Case Manager] and Peyman Showleh [Program Manager] at the FCR loan project program. Farahnaz patiently walked me through the process of my loan application. The financial help we (my husband and I) received encouraged us to fill the financial gaps we had in reaching our goal of obtaining a Canadian nursing license. Their (FCR) seminar gave us an idea of how to be financially responsible. After graduating from my one-year nursing re-entry program, I passed NCLEX and am now a licensed practicing RN. It took me several years to reach this goal, but it is all worth it. All I needed is to trust the process. I will always be grateful for the trust S.U.C.C.E.S.S./ FCR loan program team gave us. The financial support they provided us enabled both of us to pursue our goals. I am thankful to Farahnaz and the FCR management team for helping us in our credential journey.” 

A Nurse from Philippines.


“Thank you FCR for your guidance and information provided. As a newcomer, your support it is very important for people like me. Thank you again.” 

A teacher assistant from India


“A friend told me one day about the success of your work, your availability to help people with reintegration, to find a job, to have funding to continue their studies. I admit that I have not regretted soliciting your support if it allowed me to come back to ask you a second time to sponsor my family to go to Canada. Thank you for your help.”

A Heavy Duty Mechanic from Senegal


“As a pharmacist, I came to Canada and realized that becoming a Registered pharmacist in Canada needs extensive effort and study to pass the exams and the bridging program, and I appreciate all the support and help that I got from Success. FCR loan project helps with the financial burden that internationally trained immigrants deal with before getting their credentials. Besides, the staff are very supportive and encouraging, enabling you to keep going on this long way toward adjusting to the new environment. Great help and support that I recommend.”

A pharmacist from Iran.