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Author Topic: ITP Fair - "The Hiring Process in Canada " workshop
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Post ITP Fair - "The Hiring Process in Canada " workshop
on: March 7, 2013, 14:23

Here is a brief summary of the key points from the workshop “The Hiring Process in Canada” presented by Mr. C. Codrington, Senior Manager of Operations of the BC Human Resources Management Association. The workshop was very well attended and participants came away with valuable insights from the presentation and discussion.
• When hiring, what employers look for is FIT, in terms of commitment, skills and attributes, culture (company and workplace), language (ability to communicate) and the ability to provide solutions to the employer’s current needs. Therefore job seekers must prepare themselves by researching the company, not just through the web/Internet, but by speaking with people directly.
• Try to think as if you were the employer. Using the information collected from the research the job seeker should try to identify the employer’s concerns and possible questions. For example, ask yourself: “What are the employer’s problems/needs?” “How can I help them resolve their problems?” Then prepare stories to demonstrate how you have been successful in resolving problems in the past.
• To answer Behaviour Descriptive Interview questions such as “Tell me about a time you ...”, tell stories of your accomplishments concisely and succinctly. This means job seekers have to prepare tight (elevator pitch) stories of different situations and be prepared to answer the questions readily.
• The Interview Process:
o Screening of resume – This step of the process is often done by recruitment management / resume database to search for keywords in the resume. Find out the keywords for your industry by studying the job description and any information regarding the company. If you worked for a foreign company, write a line or a couple of sentences about that company so that local employers can have a better understanding of your previous employment.
o Checking credentials – If you have a degree, a license, or membership from another country, indicate in the resume its Canadian equivalent.
o Telephone interview – often conducted by HR – could be extensive and detailed
o Interview by the manager (one or two) – This is to find out about the applicant’s experience, skills, whether he/she can bring solution to the company by asking questions.
o Interview by the team members/colleagues – This is intended to further explore a candidate’s fit with the company culture. It may be in the form of job shadowing or job trial for a day.
• When employers say an applicant does not have Canadian experience, they may mean that they don’t know you. For example, they may not understand other country’s education system, credentials, organization or nature of the company. When making hiring decisions, it is natural that employers tend to choose candidates whom they can understand. Therefore it is important for ITPs to make it easy for the employers to understand them by being concise, direct and be able to equate previous foreign education, training and experience with Canadian standards. Again, this comes back to doing thorough research before making applications.

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