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I’m a foreign trained physiotherapist from the Philippines who spent a decade of physiotherapy, physical medicine and rehabilitation practice in the country and the Middle East. I have spent most of my career in state of the art Saudi hospitals, skilled rehabilitation institute and served Saudi military officials and defense cabinet officials. Unfortunately, I’m away from my family esp. my little daughter. Eventually moved to London, UK for my postgraduate courses. I was in the impression of building my physiotherapy career in the UK but wife was refused twice to enter UK. My wife herself was a physiotherapist, Head of the Rehab Services dealing with pediatrics and geriatrics.
With encouragement and guidance from a Surrey, BC based immigration consultant I filed an application as Federal Skilled Worker under NOC 3142 ( physiotherapist) and in less than 2 years of the whole process, my 5- year old daughter, wife and I landed with hopes of success as paramedical professionals in Canada.
BUT life wasn’t that easy. A week after landing (Feb 2012), I started working a survival job that brought food on our table. Also, I initiated taking online courses for the TOEFL iBT, started searching how foreign credential evaluation is but worried of depleting our maintenance fund for the foreign credentialing and the whole process. My wife had a great deal of challenge getting a job because of not having a “Canadian experience” and challenge with childcare.
On my way to work, I noticed the Foreign Credentials Recognition Loan Program on a local newspaper (Metro). This gave me hope to start setting short term goals. Mr. Henry Xie then accommodated me and guided me through their process. He is very good in his job. One conversation we had that I won’t forget- I’m so amazed how your family can survive 250 dollars food allowance in a month?” he asked. “We have strong hope that everything will be just temporary. Fortunately, we are healthy and fine, with a smile coming from me.
Series of good news came along after Mr. Xie’s team approved my CAD 5,000.00 dollar loan. I passed my TOEFL iBT, started my credentialing, and was hired as a supervisor of a third party contractor inside Surrey Memorial Hospital. Wife graduated a Healthcare Aide Diploma program with honors and started a permanent position under Provide Care Management right after receiving her diploma. All of it lightens our way of life in BC to mention the monthly repayment of my loan.
May 2014 to March 2015- under interim license after passing the Written Component of the Physiotherapy Competency Exams (PCE) of the Alliance, I was able to work as physiotherapist and I’m so proud to be under pt Healthcare Solutions that has more than 250 clinics Canada wide.
I enrolled the UBC Clinical Component Exam Preparation from March to June 2015, and then took the Practical Exam of the PCE on June 6, 2015. Great news on August 14, 2015 from the Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators website, my PIN was marked PASS. To God be the Glory!! Now working to register as Full Registrant under the College of Physical Therapist of British Columbia. By early September 2015, I will be one of the four physiotherapists in a Burnaby, BC based physiotherapy outpatient clinic.
Every person who came along my way during the lengthy and challenging process was greatly appreciated. To Mr. Henry Xie, Suki Su and the rest of the team- you are deeply appreciated.
Now, my wife is going through the same process under the Alliance. We hope she’ll succeed as well.
FCR is highly recommended. Make it part of your success.
“Keep dreaming, work for it and pray always!!”

Vic from Philippines, Physiotherapist

I am Arash. I came from Iran. I used to work in restaurant and construction site as part-time employment for survival. I finished my Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering in Iran. With the help of FCR Loan Project, I finished the Geography Information System (GIS) course in British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). Then, I got the license in 2014. After that, I got the job in the gas company as GIS specialist. At the beginning, my friend introduced me to FCR Loan Project in 2012. I handed in all the required documents. Fortunately, my qualifications and documents were all recognized by S.U.C.C.E.S.S. and then I got the loan in around 3 months. I started my 3 years full time study program in GIS. In 2014, I eventually cleared up all the requirements and got the license. One year later, I got my current job as a GIS specialist.
Before coming to the loan project, I could not simply give up my work to fully concentrate on studying. I needed to pay for my living expenses and any other payment for credentialing process. FCR Loan Project lent me all of the money required for credentialing. Then I participated in the 3 years full time program and finished the credentialing. The really nice interest rate helped me pay off the loan very soon. The FCR project provided the prime plus one percent interest rate and fixed interest rate. As a result, I cleared up all the loans in 2016.
Having the license made everything to go well. I applied for the job online. The gas company gave me a chance to interview. And now, I am their GIS specialist. Such change also led to the changes in my life and my family. I like Canada very much now. I feel good to be a Canadian. I feel awesome to stay in Canada. Besides, when I have more income, my family can live a better life without financial worries. They are very happy now. They feel good to stay in here as well as proud of my achievement now.
I would recommend FCR Loan Project to the other ITPs without concerns as the FCR Loan Project can help them to pursuit their goal and whatever they want to do. In my case, FCR Loan Project helped me to go through the whole credentialing process. They provided the second option to continue my education. Otherwise, I would not get the GIS license nor have a happy life.

Arash from Iran, Engineer

My name is Toluwani. I am from Nigeria. Before I became a recipient of the FCR Loan Project, I worked in Retail. Now I work in my professional field as a Business Analyst for the British Columbia Assessment Authority.
When I first moved to Canada, I struggled to find employment in my professional field due to lack of Canadian experience and Canadian qualifications. However, all that changed in December, 2014 when I encountered a newspaper advert about the FCR loan project. I contacted the SUCCESS BC office and spoke to a loan advisor, who signed me up for a Loan Advisory seminar, sourced for mentorship and helped me start my application. It was an easy process and the Loan Advisor assisted me every step of the way. That really boosted my confidence and gave me the emotional energy to keep pushing towards my goals.
The FCR Loan Project was beneficial to me because, unlike other loans, the interest rate was really low (Prime + one percent). There was also a 6month grace period after receiving the loan which, for me, would allow me to finish my training and start applying for employment. There were no hidden fees and the repayment plan was sustainable and also flexible as I had the option for an early repayment without any pre-employment penalty.
I was able to secure full-time employment in my professional field shortly after receiving my loan application, so I returned the loan at the end of the grace period. But that notwithstanding, having the FCR Loan to assist me was a big boost to my success chances.
Thank you to FCR, SUCCESS BC!!

Toluwani from Nigeria, Business Analyst