Sample Scenario for Accountants

Jivan came to Canada as a skilled immigrant in February 2010.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics from a University in Lebanon
  • 9 years of experience as a Financial Accountant in Lebanon
  • worked as a cashier for 2 years in Canada

Short Term Goal: to find a job related to accounting such as bookkeeping or accounting clerk

  • went to school and learned computerized accounting i.e. ACCPAC, Simply Accounting, etc.
  • gained practical experience and networks through a practicum
  • completed computerized accounting training and then was employed as a part-time bookkeeper

Long Term Goal: to become an accountant in Canada

  • researched the different paths for Internationally Trained Accountants, i.e. CMA, CGA and CA
  • decided to pursue CGA designation because it is related to his background in Taxation and Finances
  • completed the CGA credentials assessment, which involved
    • a review of post-secondary transcript(s)
    • assessment results will determine whether previous educational courses are accepted or if further CGA training is required
  • CGA credentials assessment suggested further training in CGA courses
    • CGA courses are divided to 5 levels (the number of courses/exams varies per level)
    • completion of all 5 levels, will lead to a full CGA designation
    • financial assistance for tuition fees, books & course materials and association fee

Jivan chose to complete a Computerized Accounting program prior to applying for CGA, even though it is not a requirement for CGA. The training helped him achieve his short-term goal of working in an accounting position.


Internationally Trained Accountants


In BC, all three accounting designations – CA, CMA and CGA – have signed an agreement to pursue a merger and are working to unite under the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation.