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Success Stories


Mary [Fictitious name to protect client’s identity] is originally from Iran and has immigrated to Canada in 2017 as a Skilled Worker. In her home country, she obtained her credentials in Software Engineering, and she was working as an IT Professional specializing in UNIX and server-side frameworks.

Her main career goal in Canada was to become an IT Administrator, and because of this, she came to the FCR Loan Project one year upon her arrival. Mary was dealing with financial difficulties and anxiety once she had personal goals depending on this achievement. When she joined the project, she was unemployed as she had been laid off in her previous job. She had an open EI claim previously and was looking for funding options for potential schooling.

Our Case Manager developed an Accreditation Plan for the client and provided her with regular job leads. With her persistence, determination combined with our direction and assistance, Mary successfully completed a Networking Administrator Certificate at BCIT at the end of 2019. With the FCR Loan Project’s guidance and support, the client achieved her goal and found employment in her field as an Associate Service Technician at a big technology company in Canada.

Information Technology Sector

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Chelsea [Fictitious name to protect client’s identity] was a nurse in Phillippines. She acquired two graduations (Biology and Nursing) and one Master’s degree (Arts in Nursing). When she first came to Canada in 2013, she faced all the challenges of a new immigrant, being away from her extended family, friends, and financial issues.


She had no idea that she could work in her area again in Canada, offering a better quality of life to her family. Even though she was working two jobs, she had financial barriers and a lot of stress. A very close friend told her about S.U.C.C.E.S.S., and she came to us.

At that time, she was accepted to Kwantlen Polytechnic University for a one-year bridging program. Still, she was not able to pay for the program and needed financial support. The FCR loan Project was the right choice for her to join to pursue her Canadian education and update her skills.

We are so glad to have the opportunity to help Chelsea change her life. In July 2020, she passed the NCLEX-RN exam and is now officially a Registered Nurse! The client was successfully employed as a Registered Nurse (RN) with Fraser Health at Langley Memorial Hospital in September 2020.

Nursing Sector


John [Fictitious name to protect client’s identity] came from India at the end of 2019, immigrating to Canada as a Skilled Worker. Back in his home country, he got his certificates in Hospitality and Hotel Administration from his home country and had seven years of work experience in the Hotel industry.

Upon arrival in Canada, he struggled to find employment and managed to find a survival job as a Bartender in a restaurant to pay for his living expenses. When John joined the FCR Loan Project, he was very new to Canada (less than two months). At that time, he was emotionally distressed and was exploring an alternative career due to health issues.

Our Case Manager provided emotional support and developed an Accreditation Plan for John. After our intervention, he was able to analyze his possible paths and passions. In the meantime, the Pandemic of Covid-19 hit the world. Even though it was a dark time for everyone, John had the support needed to take risks and find himself in another career: in the finance industry.

He has now successfully achieved his alternative career goal and is working as an Independent Adviser at a big finance company in Canada.

Hospitality Sector


Leticia [Fictitious name to protect client’s identity], originally from India, landed in Canada in 2019. She has a PhD in Clinical Psychology from India and a Teaching Diploma from New Zealand. She worked as a University Professor in India and as an ECE in New Zealand. During her career, Leticia launched different publications and presentations. When she arrived in Canada, she was struggling to find employment related to her experience.

When she joined FCR Loan Project with S.U.C.C.E.S.S., Leticia needed information on finding employment and information regarding Clinical Psychology and Teaching. Both professions require different licenses. So, FCR Loan Project’s Case Manager provided navigation and guidance to her on how to proceed with her credential evaluation, regulatory body requirements, and employment information.

After three months, the client found employment as a teacher assistant. The position is similar to that one Leticia had in New Zealand, and she is comfortable working in such a role as a newcomer.  Due to the unprecedented circumstances with Covid-19, she has chosen to stay in this job for a while until the situation goes back to normal. After that, she will decide which steps she will take for the license.

Education Sector

dental tools.jpg

Born in India, Melanie [Fictitious name to protect client’s identity] came to Canada in 2017. She obtained a Specialist Dentist credential before immigrating to Canada. Upon her arrival, Melanie completed a Dental Assistant Certification in Canada and started her first employment at a Dental Clinic as a Dental Assistant. At this point, she had already passed the AFK & ACJ exams.

Even though Melanie was already pursuing her career, she struggled with her finances once her earnings were close to the minimum wage. Due to the costly ACS exam, Melanie had to stop her credential process and continued working as a Dental Assistant to pay for her living expenses. This situation also affected her emotional stability.

At that moment, she doubted herself, and she was feeling insecure, thinking that she could never pay for her last exam, preparation course and required materials. That’s why she came to the FCR Loan Project.

Besides emotional support and guidance, the Project provided her with enough money to pay for her preparation course and exam. She successfully achieved her goal of obtaining her Canadian Dental License and was promoted to a commission-based Dentist, and her earnings rocketed to 5 times more.

Dentistry Sector


Rebecca [Fictitious name to protect client’s identity] is a Pharmacist and came from Iran in 2017. Back in her country, Rebecca was employed as a pharmacy proprietor and practiced consecutively from 2004 to 2017.


Her goal in Canada was to practice as a Licensed Pharmacist, but she was dealing with a lot of stress and lacked an understanding of the Canadian Market and the FCR process.

In 2019, she came to us seeking help and orientation. After joining the FCR Loan Project, Rebecca began to prepare for the required examinations. She had family support to cover some of the fees.


However, she was still in need of financial aid. After exploring her options, Rebecca needed assistance to complete her credentialing process.

Rebecca completed the Professional Communication for the Workplace training provided by the FCR Loan Project. Also, she received support by initiating and reviewing employment plans, conducting mock interviews over zoom, and receiving constructive feedback.


Now she is employed as a Pharmacist in a big pharmacy company in BC.

Pharmacy Sector

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