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What is FCR?

Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR) is the process of verifying that the education and job experience obtained in another country are equal to the standards established for Canadian workers.

Depending on whether your education and/or work experience are regulated or non-regulated, the length of time and the cost of the FCR process will vary.

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Non-Regulated Professions

A non-regulated profession does not require that you have a licence, certificate or registration before you practice, however, further training or examination may be beneficial. For instance, occupations in IT, Marketing and Finance fields are non-regulated professions. However, training will help individuals learn the Canadian standards and proper procedures in completing their daily tasks. It is often an asset for potential applicants to obtain training for non-regulated profession.

Regulated Professions & Trade Professions

A regulated profession or trade is one that is governed by a provincial, territorial or sometimes federal authority, in which certain entry requirements and standards of practice are used to assess the qualifications and certify, register or license an individual as a qualified applicant. Therefore, you must have a licence, certificate or be registered with the regulatory body before you start practicing your trade profession.

Regulated occupations include nurses, doctors, engineers, teachers, accountants and electricians. These individuals must complete the foreign credential recognition process, which consists of four basic steps before they have an opportunity to secure employment in their profession or trade:

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