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If you have a professional background from your home country and would like to return to your field here in Canada, you may need to go through foreign credential recognition process. This process evaluates your foreign credential to ensure that it meets the standards established in Canada. The Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR) Loan Project provides financial support to you during this process by offering a competitive low-interest rate loan.

New Reduced Loan Interest Rate: Prime   0.5%


Our Case Managers can also help you better understand and navigate the often complex processes of credential recognition, guiding you through these costly and time-consuming systems.


Whether you are interested in having your credentials from both regulated and non-regulated professions assessed, learning more about the licensing process for a specific profession or trades, or exploring related employment opportunities in your field, our FCR team can help.



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“I got to know about the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. FCR Loan Project from a Craigslist advertisement. I called on the same day and got my appointment booked with Zohreh. Zohreh took really good care of me by providing every single thing in detail. I was certainly considering getting a $15,000.00 loan from there, but suddenly COVID-19 hit the world, and my entire plan got changed. While sitting home, I got my Finance license done and started working in the Finance industry. As part of my work, I educate people about financial concepts and plan tax-free retirement without charging customers. I am meeting many new immigrants in Canada and will certainly recommend the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. FCR Loan Project to them. I would be happy to help anyone who really needs to get his/her financial planning (for free)”.


—  A financial advisor from India.





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